When To Ask For Help

When Should You Seek Assistance?

Have you been struggling to conceive and you're wondering when the right time is to start getting some help?


That's a fabulous question. My name is Misty, I'm "The IVF Chick" from Preggipedia.


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Now when's the right time to look for help?


If you're under 35 and it's been about 12 months or more now is a fabulous time to start getting a second opinion


If you're over 35 you might want to go a little bit sooner than that. Perhaps after six months of trying, or if you think, or suspect that you do have some pre-existing fertility issues you should really go sooner rather than later.

That's because fertility does decline as we women age unfortunately.


Now how do you go about looking for help?


If you go and see your regular GP or family doctor, there's every likelihood that they'll be familiar with the fertility services in your area, and they can recommend one that might be suitable for you and your budget. Because budget really is a concern with IVF.

Now does this mean that you're going to get forced down the pathway of IVF?


No, not necessarily. But what you'll do is have an initial consult with a fertility specialist, they'll be able to run a whole bunch of tests including a test that might predict what your chances are of success. That'll give you more information to decide whether or not IVF is for you.


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