Do Pineapples Help With Implantation?

Fact or Fiction

The Pineapple - Does It Help?

Hi guys, my name is Misty. I'm the IVF Chick from Preggipedia.

If you've been trying to get pregnant for a little while, and you've been searching the internet for tips and tricks there's a few things you may have come across, and this one in particular I get asked about a lot.


A lot.  And it is these bad boys... The pineapple.  Now, does the pineapple have magical implantation powers? Is it the magic pill to make sure that you fall pregnant this time around?


Is it fact, or is it an urban legend?


This whole thing started, we think, around an enzyme that inside the pineapple called Bromelain.

Now Bromelain is great for digestion, so if you do have some digestive issues go right ahead. But bromelain does have some anticoagulant properties and some mild anti-inflammatory properties.


Those things are desirable around the time of implantation. So I think that's where the theory comes from, but it's not that simple is it?


The Bromelain is not found in the juicy, fleshy, delicious parts of the pineapple. Oh no, no it's not that simple. It's never that simple. Why universe? why? why?


No, it's in the hard woody core. So just eating the pineapple is not gonna do it for you. You have to eat the chewy, nasty core. uh-huh. So is it really going to help you fall pregnant?


Maybe. Maybe if those things are the reason that you're not falling pregnant then maybe the pineapple could assist. But in general if those aren't the reasons, then it's not going to help you. Or if you already have a diet that's fairly rich in anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants, like fish oils, vitamins, it's probably not going to do you a great deal of good. It's not gonna be the magic pill. Okay?


Will it hurt? No. So knock yourself out. Not literally, no.  That's not a good idea


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