Top Five Mythconceptions

The Top Five Mythconceptions

Yes, that is mythconceptions - myths about conception.


Hi guys, my name is Misty. I'm the IVF Chick from Preggipedia. Now today I want to cover off a bit of a fun topic and that is Myths in the Conception World.


Myth Number One is that there's only one egg per cycle


Now that's quite simply not true. During any menstrual cycle the ovaries actually recruit about a dozen eggs. So what happens is those dozen eggs start growing and at some point in the cycle one egg asserts itself as the dominant one, and it triggers off a cascade of events that kill off all the other eggs. That's pretty badass in the egg world!

Myth Number Two is that the egg is actually able to be fertilized for about 24 hours after ovulation


Now this one is only kind of partially untrue. In some people, perhaps the egg is able to be fertilized for 24 hours after ovulation but realistically in the vast majority of people your window is actually much smaller. So you're probably looking at about 6 to 12 hours realistically.

Myth Number Three is that you need to have sex every day if you're trying to have a baby


Also not true. The sperm should live in the female tract for two to three days, sometimes up to a week if - you know - your partner has a decent sample. So in theory if you do it every two to three days the sperm should still be hanging around waiting for that egg to be ovulated. Waiting for an egg to be there to fertilize.


Myth Number Four is that you should save up the sperm so your partner should abstain from ejaculating for however long until the exact right moment and then pounce!


That's actually counterproductive. So studies have shown us that abstaining from ejaculating for more than about four days actually increases the chances of having a miscarriage. Now that's due to the damage that happens to the sperm when it's stored in the man's body for too long.


So ideally what you want is to have intercourse every two to three days to make sure there's a constant supply of fresh sperm coming through and that's always sperm in the female tract waiting for that egg.


Myth number five is that it only takes one sperm


Now what actually happens is about one in ten sperm will make it to the egg. So that's a lot that get lost along the way. You know my analogy is that - you know - these guys are dudes they don't ask for directions. So not only are not that many actually going to make it to the egg, but when they do the egg is actually surrounded by a whole bunch of cells called cumulus cells so the sperm don't actually have access to the egg straight away. What they need to do is actually release a whole bunch of enzymes and chew through those cells to get to the egg. So in the real world what happens is the first 50, 100, 1000, 10000 sperm actually sacrifice themselves for the good of man, and emit those enzymes, melt away those cells and pave the path for the sperm that follow. So this is one of those situations where it doesn't pay to be first. There are no prizes here.


So that's a few myths in conception world. I hope you've had fun, I hope you've learnt something and if there's any other topics you want me to cover off go to, go to the Facebook community and drop me a line. I'll see you soon


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